Expand your Gallery with one of TurningBear’s originals

Ready to start looking for the piece of art meant for you?  Visit our gallery and see what speaks to you.  Take notes of what you see and experience.  Art is supposed to speak to you and move you.  Which piece seems to captivate you?  Which one keeps you coming back to look at it time-after-time? What do you love about?  What do you feel or think about when you look at it?

Emotions are powerful and are wondrous gifts. Take a moment and look at your notes. See which piece of art evoked an emotion you’d like to experience again. Chances are you’ve found the piece of art you can’t live without.

See something you like but wonder if the one you love is right around the corner?  Call or email us and ask about our latest works and those still in production. Visit our studio and meet TurningBear, the artist.  You’ll soon see art in a whole new light.

Current Originals for sale are posted below.

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Private Collection/Sold