Prints & Canvas

Visit our Print Gallery below to discover if a Lithograph, Gicleé, or Fine Art Print is right for you. Here, you’ll discover a variety of landscapes from scenic cabins and mountain ranges to ranches, canyons, lakes and wilderness trails. You’ll be invited to dream of places you’ve visited and those you’ve yet to explore.  Looking for something specific?  Have questions?  Call or email us today. You’ll get the help you need in finding the print meant for you and your budget. Click an image below for prices.

  Lithographs or Gicleé Prints Original pieces of art are often what you desire.  But sometimes, it makes sense to stretch your budget.  It’s how you can allow art to play an even larger role in your life. Lithographs and Gicleé Prints can offer you the brilliance of an original work of art but at a more modest price-point.  While both lithographs and Gicleé prints are reproductions of an original piece of art, they are produced differently.  Lithographs of high quality and low production numbers can offer you significant value.   Gicleé prints can be placed on a variety of substrates and can offer various textures and finishes. Every lithograph we offer comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.   Love or infatuation?  You know infatuation fades and love grows.  How do you know if you’re really in love with a piece of art?  The short answer is you just know. But what if things are not quite that simple? Do you ask a friend?  Asking a friend for their opinion can sometimes be helpful.  But you also know two individuals can look at the same work of art and walk away with two entirely different impressions. Who’s right?  Chances are they’re both right. It’s all in how you answer one simple question.  “Do you like what’s being portrayed?” If the piece speaks to you and you like what’s being communicated, chances are the art was meant for you.  If you walk away from it and no other piece moves you or speaks to you in the same way, chances are it’s not infatuation. You’ve fallen in love with a work of art. Browse our on-line gallery below and see what your heart tells you. It’s here you’ll find the the work of art meant for your home or office. Call or email us today to visit our studio and meet the artist, TurningBear.