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Drawing Class

Drawing is the results of investigation of a subject. When someone says that they cannot draw, what they really mean that they have not learned how to observe. The ability to observe is needed much more than the skill with pencil or pen.

Explorations in Drawing
An Adventure to Excellence
Instructor: Professional Artist, TurningBear Mason

The Students will be taught:

  • About the medium, i.e. types of pencils, erasers, paper and fixatives
  • How to observe and to see what is actually there in the subject of study
  • How to measure the proportions of the model to be accurate
  • The definitions of words used in the art world
  • Different styles of drawing/sketching for appropriate circumstances
  • How to become confident in the skill of drawing
  • How to create a composition which is pleasing to the eye
  • How to make a 2 dimensional surface look 3 dimensional with shadow
  • How to understand the vanishing point and its importance
  • How to utilize positive and negative space

Please contact us if you are interested in upcoming classes.

Package Components Price
Package 1Component 1$240
Package 2Components 1–4$857
Package 3Component 1 with private one-on-one coaching$597
Package 4Components 1–4 with private one-on-one coaching$2147

Component 1

Action Sketching in Shapes & Shadows

The fundamentals of drawing are learning the principles of art ranging from the tools, geometric shapes and value in shadowing. The course is designed teach the foundations of all 2 dimensional arts. Learning to draw depends more on the ability of the artist to observe, than any expertise with pen or pencil.

Component 2

Exciting Vistas in Composition & Critique

The fundamental drawing course 2 is learning the principles of composition. The course is observing various subjects and learning to critique your own work.

Component 3

Blazing Forward with Measuring & Proportions

The intermediate drawing course is expanded to the applications of observation, accurate measuring of the proportions of the subject of study and promoting confidence in the skills of creativity.

Component 4

Inspiring Drawing People & Animals*

The introduction to drawing people and animals will build confidence and skill of the student by practicing all that has been learned in the prior courses.

*Prerequisites: Component 1, 2 & 3 from TurningBear or another teacher.